House of Inspiration

2. March 2021

With the House of Inspiration, we developed a vision for a mobility brand hub. With the rise of online shopping experiences the retail brand centers are in decline. So is the social connection and a lot of touchpoints with the brand.

We wanted to create a space to bring people together in a meaningful way. The retail stores of tomorrow need to be more than just shops. It needs to provide a reason to go there that goes beyond pures consum and add real value for the visitor.

The house of Inspiration acts as a community hub that resembles a village surrounded by places for creation and communication.

The ground floor gives back the space to the public with a sports area, a café and an urban car stage. On the upper floors are brand areas, galleries for young artist and sales lounges located. A driveable car modification area is on the outside of the building to satisify the need to stand out of the crowd. To complete the experience are on the top floors coworking spaces, a pocket park and a roof terrace with tiny houses for low cost sustainable living and cooperation.