3. March

Why go back to the Office?

In 150 years the office landscape has changed drastically – from a single office to working in an “open space”. Now the COVID-19 crisis has reshuffled the cards again. What functions does an office have to fulfill in order for a company to move towards a bright future? How does a room have to be […]


2. March

House of Inspiration by Heller Designstudio

House of Inspiration

With the House of Inspiration, we developed a vision for a mobility brand hub. With the rise of online shopping experiences the retail brand centers are in decline. So is the social connection and a lot of touchpoints with the brand. We wanted to create a space to bring people together in a meaningful way. […]

27. February

Best Workspace of the month!

Yeah we won! Our VGrow was able to convince the jury of, and we were awarded the Best Workspace of the month. Thanks a lot for this.

11. December

Interview MD Magazin

An interview about us was published in MD magazine:

11. December

Hellers New Work & Coronatimes Interview MD Magazine

We had a Zoom interview with Katharina Feuer from MD magazine. It was about everyday life with us in the times of Corona and the outlook on the working world of tomorrow. Click here for the interview:


20. February

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3. September

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