ITS – Info Turm Stuttgart

It is not an easy task for us to guide the promising future along the track of our advancing present, when the status quo (huge construction site, a lot of noise, a lot of stress) is still not very promising. But one that we are not doing for the first time. For the second time, we are significantly involved in the design (or now the redesign) of the exhibition accompanying the Stuttgart21 rail project.

In spring 2020 the ITS – Infoturm Stuttgart opened, which is spatially and conceptually-visually separated from the old show in the station tower. A challenge that we took on with a general staff: the customer commissioned us with both the conception of the exhibition and the design of a temporary building. This should be visibly integrated between the existing terminus station and the S21 construction site and also make real construction site life visible (thanks to a roof terrace): The new Stuttgart information tower.

This is how we like to work: Thinking rooms before rooms even exist. How does it look like? How can it be built? Where is what in the exhibition? How is the signal effect both internally and externally? The plans for the housing and the new exhibition version were symbiotic flows of thought with the aim of creating a tangible interface between presence and future.

With the current technical possibilities of a multimedia presentation, the ideas continue to bubble and many could be implemented, including the production of the touch screen application for visitor information.

On four floors, the guests are informed interactively and digitally about all essential bullets (project history, technical challenge, current status, significance for urban development, the protests, etc.). Among other things, you can fly over the fictional new train station and have the future in your own hands with a joystick.

P.S.: Der ITS ist für die vielzitierte Zielgruppe „von jung bis alt“ – für Kids gibt’s u.a. eine sehr viel mit Augmented Reality Spielen.

Stuttgart, Germany
6 Floors, 1000 m²

showroom, collaborations zones,
cafeteria, point of sale and information

© Dietrich Film
Temporary exhibition building in the heart of the construction site
Direct view of the construction site of S21
Welcome to the exhibition
The latest news about the project right in the entrance
Augmented Reality application by CDM Tech
Hands-on exhibits / CI and graphics from Hochburg Design
Experience the train station of tomorrow immersively and interactively / implementation of Lightshape and Plan B
All information from the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is bundled in an interactive touchscreen application / implementation by Heller Designstudio with Smart Perform
Partners from the city and the country will also be present in the Stuttgart Info Tower
Great focus was placed on the accessibility of the exhibits
A separate tour for kids only