Mercedes-AMG Experience Center Zhejiang

Participating in a world premiere and creating something completely new is one of the most beautiful events for creative people. Especially when the brand’s sound is very strong: Mercedes-AMG. After five AMG Brand Centers, Heller Designstudio designed the world’s first AMG Experience Center on the Zhejiang International Circuit, around two hours south of Shanghai. The new format is intended to give customers an emotional charge on an exciting customer journey with AMG’s integral motorsport roots – even before they even hit the racetrack.

Our creative approach for designing the brand space directly on a racetrack was based on one intention: to consistently increase the tension. Stimulate the guests more and more. By the time they can transform themselves into a pilot with a racing suit and helmet and test a large pool of vehicles on the latest AMG models, they are already on the two floors and in various functional and exhibition areas (coaching zone, interactive area with racing simulators, AR Applications, brainwave-controlled slot car racing track etc.) in the lifestyle accessories shop as well as in “Café63” inevitably merged with the AMG brand.

Based on the specifications of the typical AMG corporate architecture and design, a rough look corresponding to the motorsport theme was installed, which is intended to give visitors the racetrack feeling on around 1,300 square meters. The very first AMG Experience Center is a useful addition to the existing brand sales structure of AMG Brand Centers and AMG Performance Center. Because where does dynamic, powerful engineering make the Swabian Affalterbach most enjoyable? On a racetrack, of course. Previously heated by the Stuttgart studio Heller Design. Or as Marcel Heller says: “Christmas at last.” P.S .: New Heller AMG project in Dubai coming soon.

AMG Experience Center Zheijang
Mercedes-AMG Experience Center Zheijang
Entrance through the speed tunnel
Super Car Area
Virtual Reality Motion Seat
Virtual Reality Motion Seat with external screen
History of motorsport and super car area
Racing simulator to prepare for the track
Cafe and bar
Brain wave model racetrack
Interactive exhibition zone
Interactive exhibition zone #2