Vector Firestarter

For a project-related cooperation area, an area should be created that promotes intensive exchange between employees. The main task was to find an architectural solution to provide working environments for open groups as well as highly concentrated scenarios. Facility management should not be required to remodel the space.
In this case the Scrum method was used to define the room arrangements. It ranges from large open space communication to small introverted work teams.

Claim, personalize and transform your workspace.

We want to overcome the white high-end offices where workers are afraid to speak out. Great teams are the capital of any business and need to be encouraged to take their place. Simple materials, playful colors and a floor plan without hierarchy give the team the power to do this.
Bring your decoration, determine and enrich the personality of the company.
The Firestarter can be seamlessly transformed between an open space office and a cell office. Get the best of both worlds immediately if necessary.

Easy-to-use flexible walls form closed spaces for concentrated work and still maintain the visual connection. Plug-and-play desks can be rearranged on the fly for different setups. Just take your own container with you and restore your personal space.
The Firestarter is designed to create collisions between team members who have informal encounters. Lounges, coffes areas, video and small conference rooms are always in the immediate vicinity.
Collaboration software has been adapted to achieve a highly interactive, BYOD and transparent workflow.


Weilimdorf, Stuttgart
1 floor, 400 m²

Heller Vector DE V6_HDSedit
Welcome to the Vector Firestarter
Flexible walls enable users to easily redesign the office space
The planning of the office is based on the agile working method "Scrum"
All-day video conferences are better experienced in oxygen-rich meeting rooms
The Death Star meeting room
Break and innovation at the kiosk
Colored and acoustically effective partitions
Lounge to regenerate and present
Employees can simply take their workplace with them at any time
Meeting room surrounded by plants
Pizza is always a good idea