Vector Temporary Office

There used to be more Spartan office parcel pragmatism in white-black-beige, high noise level, suspended ceiling and time clock. Today offices need more light, air and subdued acoustics so that the creativity of tomorrow’s operators is triggered. Heller Designstudio creates the spaces for the (digital) transformation. As for our customer Vector in the Stuttgart-Weilimdorf industrial area. The old industrial area-office charm was allowed to remain outside the planning of the two office floors of 2000 square meters each because a modern, clever interior design concept was required.

What we did: Complete gutting and a completely new setup, following the basic concept of the shop window. Establish new visual relationships and visual axes. Flood the floors with outside light. Very high, colored glass fronts with integrated doors create open room connections and at the same time preserve the concentrated intimacy of the individual employees. The individual office units contrast with the cool hallways with fluffy carpeting and soothing colors. Every entry is a moment of arrival. Just as every brainstop becomes a highlight: a cafeteria with a bold colourway and lounge boxes is docked on both floors.

Particularly nice: Since this is a temporary office (planned for five years), the high-quality expansion symbolizes the high level of appreciation for the staff and us as the responsible design studio for a relatively short phase.


Weilimdorf, Stuttgart
2 floors, 4,415 m²

Subtle privacy protection
Colorful hallway
Neutral corridor in contrast to the colored glass panes of the office rooms
Different lighting moods create alternating plays of color on the floor and wall
Workplaces and meeting rooms can be identified by color
Employee kitchen as a meeting point
Lounge for exchange
Bequeme Sitzmöglichkeiten zum regenerieren
Flauschige Fußböden in den Arbeitsräumen
Besprechungsraum mit Sichtbetonstützen
Informal meeting in an inspiring environment with good coffee