Vector vGrow

Nothing like the office: While some are still discussing the future of work, others are already in the future. Like our customer Vector. He installed the multi-creative space Vgrow for his employees. In the sense of: We are growing. Outgrow yourself in newly conceived and designed rooms. With the help of Heller Design.

At its core, Vgrow is a workshop training zone. The 350 square meters (previously common office space) designed by us take on a multitude of other functions with deliberately chosen interior design elements and a choice of colors and materials that are contrary to the Vector CI. Switch off, distance and compensation from the daily office grind. Mental liberation. Just be alone and breathe deeply in an intensely green area. The famous Käffchen at the Vgrow Kiosk. As well as: stimulating interactions and communication with the help of interior design clous.

It starts at the vgrow entrance: whether you are a New Yorker hypestore or a Stuttgart IT company, you don’t know when you walk through the tentacle tunnel, a physical and psychological lock in one. Walked through, arrived and experience the space. Security thanks to organic shapes. No edges. Everything flows. The meandering corridor changes its dimensions with ease and floods the room with natural light. No banal corridor to get from A to B and back again (quickly, quickly!), But an intelligent place and lounge area for social networking and various privacy levels.

The training rooms do not want to be a “school”, but the visitors should slide into a warm coat of positivity and play comfortably with the room. The materials are soft, padded and lively. Lie down, lean on, withdraw into a niche, start a conversation and tag your stay as an experience. And as a growth time, in which one has put old ways of thinking and patterns behind and became open to new things. VGrow by Heller Design.

Weilimdorf, Stuttgart
1 floor, 340 m²

different training spaces, agile social areas, greenery installation

Welcome to the Vector vGrow
Mentale Befreiung beim Durchschreiten der Tentakel Schleuse
Team meeting with a view
Fabric tentacles to squeeze in
Mobile meeting point
Software training
Mobile mini desks
Kiosk for drinks and snacks
Glass panes for privacy and light
Round shapes for flowing thoughts
Individually playable seminar rooms
Foam walls invite you to lean on and get creative
Fabric walls for a secure feeling
Groupwork and a look into the growing room
Growing room for confidential coaching
Growing room for confidential coaching
Group work island for ad-hoc meetings
Digital support for speakers and participants
Digital and analog