Why go back to the Office?

3. March 2021

In 150 years the office landscape has changed drastically – from a single office to working in an “open space”. Now the COVID-19 crisis has reshuffled the cards again. What functions does an office have to fulfill in order for a company to move towards a bright future? How does a room have to be designed so that a feeling of “home”, belonging and identity is created?

Companies now have to ask themselves:

Does the office still fit the work processes learned during the Covid period?

And does this offer a chance to rethink the office?

We have identified six steps for the new * office.

* the new office inspires, strengthens social exchange and promotes innovative work.

1. Check

Look at the way you work and check what works better virtually or physically.

Many processes were taken over 1: 1 into the virtual and simulated. That works for some things but not for everything. Companies have to identify the most important processes, depending on the industry, location and function, and take a completely new look at them. A distinction should be made between what work and what parts can be done on site and what work can be done at home.

2. Ask

Asks all employees what exactly they need.

Future agile working worlds require an even closer examination of the processes and the needs of the employees and thus create a tailor-made solution for the workplace.

The user needs serve as a starting point for planning.

3. Customize

Develop your own office typologies, which are precisely tailored to you and the processes.

Concentration, motivation, work goals and forms of work change several times a day. However, very few offices are specifically designed for specific tasks.

Are collaboration rooms now increasingly needed?

Who needs a single office now? Do project rooms make more sense for teams? Where can you withdraw? Do satellite offices make sense to us?

4. Identity

Use the office to express your brand values.

The office is more than just a workplace. It is developing into an inspiring place for personal contact, learning, human closeness and a network meeting point for exchanges between employees and with business partners and customers. It is developing into an elementary expression of corporate culture, corporate identity, and is based on corporate design.

This leads to an authentic atmosphere that creates a sense of togetherness. With a high quality of experience and quality of stay.

5. Motivation

Make a significant contribution to employee recruitment and satisfaction from your office.

The working environment, working atmosphere and working method are increasingly becoming decisive arguments in the competition for qualified employees.

And the identification of existing employees with the company is also positively influenced by the New Work principles.

6. Transformation

Make your office an inspiring place for social exchange and innovation.

The social capital built up over the years disappears in the home office. No innovation can take place without exchange. How can the office promote collaboration, creativity, productivity, culture and a generally good work experience?

The office has to become more than just a workplace.

It is developing away from the only possible workplace with a compulsory stay towards an inspiring place of personal contact, learning, corporate culture, human closeness and a network meeting point for exchanges between employees and with business partners and customers.

This requires an atmosphere that creates a sense of togetherness and a high quality of experience and stay.

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